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Restaurant Cooking Oil Delivery

Frytech Edible Oils boasts a versatile range of customers. Essentially, if you have a commercial kitchen and prepare fried foods, you can benefit from our affordable and comprehensive restaurant cooking oil delivery and collection plans. Our service area extends throughout Indiana and Michigan. We also serve Northern Kentucky and Western Ohio. If you operate a restaurant or a kitchen in community center or assisted living facility, you can rely on Frytech for our complete restaurant frying oil management solutions.

Frytech features high-quality cooking oils that are known for their nutritional content and high performance. When you contact us for our Ohio restaurant frying oil delivery and collection services, you can choose from among our three cooking oils: high oleic soy, high oleic canola, and palm edible oils. We will deliver a safe quantity of your preferred cooking oil to your location each week. At the same time, we’ll remove all of your used cooking oil. There is no need for your staffers to assist us. We handle all the transport of fresh and used cooking oil.

When you setup your cooking oil management system with Frytech, we’ll customize our solutions to suit your facility’s needs. We feature many sizes of containers used to store your fresh and used cooking oil. When we provide our Michigan restaurant frying oil delivery service, we’ll also pick up and recycle your used cooking oil. We can provide these services on a weekly basis.

If you have questions about our Indiana restaurant cooking delivery company, contact us for more information. Setting up your Kentucky restaurant frying oil delivery system is easy. We’ll visit and work with you to create customized solutions that are ideal for your commercial kitchen. You’ll never have to stress about your cooking oil collection, recycling, or delivery needs again.