Convenient Stores

Convenient stores know that many of their fried snacks and treats are hot sellers. They also know how important it is to have a safe and effective restaurant frying oil management system in place. Frytech Edible Oils offers affordable Indiana and Northern Kentucky cooking oil delivery, collection, and pickup / recycling solutions. The great thing about our cooking oil supply plan is that your employees never need to be involved in our servicing process. In fact, they can rely on our easy-to-use cooking oil containers with pumping functionality. There’s no need for your team to life or transport used cooking oil. Our team does it all.

Frytech Edible Oils will help you create a customized Michigan restaurant frying oil delivery and collection plan that suits your store’s needs. We’ll deliver the amount of cooking oil you’ll need on a weekly basis, always ensuring a safe amount so you don’t run out. Then, we install our innovative frying oil management system with containers for both fresh and discarded cooking oil. Each week, our drivers perform our Indiana restaurant frying oil collection, making sure that all used cooking oil is properly recycled.

When setting up your plan, you can choose from our edible cooking oils for your Ohio restaurant frying oil delivery. We feature three outstanding high-performance frying oils, including palm oil, high oleic soy, and high oleic canola. Not sure which to choose? Talk to us about selecting the best cooking oil for your food preparation needs.

If you operate a convenience store in our broad service area, you can set up Indiana restaurant frying oils delivery and management plan today. Discover why we are the region’s first choice when it comes to cooking oil suppliers. Our restaurant cooking oil delivery company is dedicated to providing custom solutions for each one of our clients.