Education facilities

Kentucky Restaurant Frying Oil Delivery

Choose Frytech Edible Oils for your Kentucky restaurant frying oil delivery needs. Frytech’s customers include elementary, middle, and high schools. We provide cooking oil collection and delivery to colleges, vocational schools, and other educational facilities that provide food preparation service. When you contract with Frytech, your school cafeteria or kitchen staff will never have to perform any heavy lifting to clean or dispose of used cooking oil. Our frying oil management plans include Indiana restaurant frying oil delivery, collection, and recycling solutions.

When you are ready to set up your Michigan frying oil delivery and management plan, we’ll help you select a cooking oil that suits your food preparation needs. We offer high oleic canola, high oleic soy, and palm cooking oils. These are high-quality and top-performing frying oils. We’ll help you determine how much cooking oil you need on a weekly basis. Then, we’ll set up your cooking oil collection system with our special containers to store your fresh and discarded frying oil.

Like many education facilities in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, yours may be concerned about the disposal of used cooking oil. Frytech features eco-friendly cooking oil recycling service. Each week, our driver will deliver your restaurant-quality cooking oil in the amount you require. We’ll then remove your used cooking oil and transport it away for recycling. Before leaving, we weigh the containers to make sure we charge you an accurate amount for fresh oil and cooking oil collection.

Contact Frytech Edible Oils to develop your Ohio school / restaurant frying oil delivery plan. We can work with you to ensure timely delivery service each week. We always customize our restaurant cooking oil delivery and management plans to suit each customer’s needs.