Fast Food Restaurants

Set up your Indiana restaurant frying oil delivery and management plan with Frytech Edible Oils. If your fast food restaurant is like most, you serve a lot of French fries and other fried foods. That means that you need an amply supply of your preferred cooking oil. Frytech can provide you with the amount of frying oil you need on a weekly basis. As part of our robust edible oils management plan, we’ll provide cooking oil collection and recycling solutions too.

Frytech has specialized in restaurant frying oil delivery for more than two decades. We provide delivery and collection solutions for fast food restaurants located in Indiana, Michigan, Western Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Customers trust us because we carry the best-quality cooking oils and deliver them on time. We make cooking oil management a breeze. Your employees will not need to lift or clean used cooking oil containers. Our techs take care of every detail.

When you contact us to set up your Ohio restaurant frying oil delivery plan, we’ll help you determine a safe amount of oil to be delivered each week. Then, we’ll install our innovative containers in your kitchen. We feature highly functional containers that provide pumping actions to dispense the oil. This way, your employees don’t have to lift any heavy containers. We also pick up the used cooking oil and ensure that it is recycled responsibly.

If you need Kentucky restaurant frying oil delivery and related services, choose Frytech for our experience and expertise. We know that many of the franchises we serve have corporate oversight regarding the cooking oil recycling. We adhere to strict protocols to make sure discarded oil is recycled in accordance with our industry’s recommendations. Contact us if you have questions or are ready to set up your cooking oil management system.