How It Works

When you contact Frytech Edible Oils for our Indiana restaurant frying oil delivery and collection solutions, we can set up a custom cooking oil management system for your commercial kitchen. First, we help you determine the amount of cooking oil you need on a weekly basis, taking care to ensure you always have a safe supply to cover your cooking needs. Then, we recommend the equipment needed to manage your cooking oil supply. We feature a novel collection and management system that is safe and easy for all kitchen employees to use.

Our technicians will visit your Ohio or Michigan kitchen to set up your cooking oil system, with collection receptacles for both fresh and used cooking oil. We source the highest quality cooking oils; as part of our restaurant frying oil delivery plan, we feature a selection of three types of cooking oils to choose from. Once your cooking oil collection system is in place, our technicians will visit weekly to replenish your cooking oil and provide our restaurant frying oil recycling and pickup service. There’s no need for your employees to discard the used oil; we manage everything.

Frytech features specially designed cooking oil receptacles that boast superior handling techniques. Each receptacle is outfitted with a pump or nitrogen charge for convenient dispensing. Our restaurant frying oil recycling team will manage any pumping, pouring, or vacuuming of the used oil, leaving your employees unburdened by these tasks.

Having been in the Indiana cooking oil management business for more than two decades, we have perfected our processes to ensure reliability and convenience for our customers. Plus, we insist about carrying only the freshest, best-quality cooking oils available today. Contact us to learn more about our affordable edible cooking oil management services. See why we are the leading Midwestern cooking oil supplier for commercial kitchens of all sizes and types.