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Commercial Kitchen Cooking Oil Management

For all our commercial kitchen cooking oil management customers, we provide the finest oils and shortenings available on the market. We have systems in place to ensure safe, sanitary, and convenient delivery and collection. We choose our oils based on quality, longevity, stability, and health benefits compared to other fryer oils. You’ll receive your choice every week, and we’ll base the amount on your inventory level needs so that you’ll never run out. Plus, you’ll have the assurance of a safe and convenient used oil removal method via our trained team.

Industries and Facilities That We Serve:

  • Convenient Stores
  • Education facilities
  • Grocery Chains
  • Healthcare
  • Independent Restaurants
  • National Chains
  • Plant Feeding
  • Any Other Food Service Facility

How Our Commercial Cooking Oil Delivery & Replacements Work

At the beginning of the process, you’ll pick a weekly time for your facility to receive fresh oil and recycle what was used. Upon delivery, the service tech will ask if anything is out of the ordinary. From here, they will collect unused fresh oil and waste containers. The service tech will weigh each waste container for credit—you’ll receive full credit for any fresh product not used. Our tech will then replenish the fresh oil inventory and replace the used waste containers with empty ones. Finally, we will provide the customer with an invoice and ask for their signature.

Our fresh oil containers dispense themselves via a pump or charge of nitrogen. However, we will pump, pour, or vacuum any waste oil into its designated container. We’ve found this to be the safest and easiest method.

Fry Tech’s Commercial Kitchen Cooking Oil Management Benefits

The benefits you’ll obtain through our cooking oil management service goes beyond the weekly fresh oil delivery and removal of waste oil. Benefits include:

  • Oil choices that last longer and retain freshness
  • Containers that easily roll on a 5-wheel cart—eradicates the need for lifting and self-empties
  • Eliminated packaging waste and associate oil loss
  • Clean fryers due to our safe and simplistic design
  • One-step disposal method—using a filter machine to pump waste oil into the waste container
  • Weekly waste container pick up
  • Accurate monitoring, controlling, and weighing of waste containers
  • Decreased injury liability and Workmen's Comp claims due to oil and fryer incidence

Most facilities we work with have been able to reduce labor costs and prevent employee injuries. Our process is consistent, allows for a quality frying experience, and offers a stable pricing system. Additionally, our team’s involvement improves sanitation and safety.

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