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Cooking Oil Delivery & Collection In & Around Indiana

Our cooking oil delivery and collection services extend beyond the Indiana border into Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Specifically, restaurant hot-spots such as Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, make use of our services. No matter the location, our cooking oil delivery and collection in and around Indiana offer systems and products to help improve quality and efficiency.

Cooking Oil Delivery and Collection Services In and Around Indiana

Upon initial communication, our team will begin working with you to find out your facility’s specific oil needs. Depending on the frequency, amount, and type of food your facility fries, we’ll come up with oil recommendations that will fir your needs. From there, we will put together a weekly delivery and recycling schedule.

Our available cooking and fryer oils for Indiana and the surrounding area include:

  • High Oleic Canola
  • High Oleic Soy
  • Palm

Delivery Service

After finalizing the details, we will deliver our restaurant oil service throughout Indiana or the surrounding area. Fresh oil deliveries and used oil collections happen simultaneously on your chosen weekly scheduled date. After we remove the used oil, our team will personally refill or deliver the proper number of kegs or barrels with new empty waste containers.

Collection Service

Our goal is to have a seamless and reliable cooking oil collection system in and around Indiana. The process begins with our collection driver informing your facility representative or manager they’ve arrived for the weekly visit. Through the process, our trained drivers manage the handling of used kegs or barrels and waste cans so that your crew can stay focused on their operational tasks. After we round up all the cooking oil, we will weigh the fresh and used oil separately. We give credit based on the amount used and waste quantities. We’ll subtract any remaining fresh oil from the new delivery.

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