Michigan Restaurant Cooking Oil Delivery

No matter how much your facility’s commercial kitchen fries on a routine basis, Frytech Edible Oils can handle all of its Michigan restaurant cooking oil delivery and management needs. Our customers require timely, stress-free frying oil delivery. We design convenient and affordable cooking oil management systems that include our frying oil delivery, collection, pickup service, and recycling. We customize our systems to suit each facility. If you operate a Detroit diner or a Grand Rapids school cafeteria, you can rely on our Michigan frying oil delivery and management solutions.

When you get in touch with Frytech, we’ll partner with you to develop your cooking oil system. We provide the easy-to-use cooking oil containers for your Macomb County or Genesee County facility. Fresh containers come with dispensers. We also provide receptacles for cooking oil collection. Our drivers will arrive to provide you with the amount of cooking oil your facility is expected to need each week. When that’s complete, we remove your used cooking oil with our restaurant frying oil collection solutions. Your employees don’t need to assist. We manage the entire process on our own with as little disruption to your facility as possible.

Finally, our plans include Michigan restaurant cooking oil recycling service. We’ll haul away your discarded oil and have it recycled as part of our company’s commitment to environmentally recommended practices. Before leaving, we weigh the amount of fresh oil we deliver and the discarded oil we remove from your facility in order to provide you with an accurate cost.

Call Frytech Edible Oils and let’s get started developing your cooking oil management plan. We can help you choose one of our cooking oils that’s ideal for your facility’s needs. We distribute the best-quality oils that are known for their nutritional composition and reliable performance in the kitchen.