Northern Kentucky

Kentucky Restaurant Cooking Oil Delivery

Choose Frytech Edible Oils for your Western Kentucky restaurant cooking oil delivery and management solutions. Our service area includes a wide area of Northern Kentucky, including Boone County and Campbell County. If you need reliable restaurant cooking oil management service for your Lexington diner or your Louisville cafeteria, you can expect the best customer service when you contract with us.

Frytech provides restaurant cooking oil collection and delivery service for many types of commercial kitchens found in restaurants, fast food chains, healthcare institutions, schools, and more. Part of our plans include restaurant cooking oil recycling performed in an eco-friendly manner. We feature three high-quality cooking oils for our customers to choose from. These oils are high oleic soy, high oleic canola, and palm oil. They’re known for their outstanding frying performance, stability, and nutritional content.

We will work with your Kentucky commercial kitchen to set up your cooking oil management plan. It’s important to us that you have a safe supply of your selected cooking oil to meet a week’s needs. Then, we’ll deliver your cooking oil system containers to store your fresh and used oil.

Each week, our driver will pick up your used cooking oil and deliver a fresh store of frying oil. At this time, we’ll weigh the amount of fresh cooking oil you need as well as the amount used cooking oil you are discarding. This allows us to provide you with an accurate cost for our services. Finally, we’ll transport your used oil away and have it recycled.

Contact Frytech Edible Oils if you have questions about our Western Kentucky cooking oil management solutions. With our restaurant frying oil delivery and collection services, you can relax, knowing that this aspect of your operation is in capable hands.