Oil Collection & Recycling

Restaurant Cooking Oil Collection

Whether you operate an Indiana restaurant chain or supermarket frying stations, you know how important seamless cooking oil delivery and collection is to your business. In addition to our restaurant frying oil delivery solutions, Frytech Edible Oils offers reliable restaurant cooking oil collection and recycling service for our customers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with contracting with a frying oil supply leader.

When you sign up for restaurant cooking oil recycling and collection solutions from Frytech, you can expect our trained collection drivers to arrive on your schedule frying oil pickup day. After arriving at your Kentucky or Indiana restaurant or cafeteria, we’ll check in with your on-site manager or restaurant representative to alert them that we’re there for our scheduled visit. We begin the restaurant cooking oil collection process by round up your discarded cooking oil. Your staff can remain unburdened by this process. It is unnecessary for them to perform and lifting or assistance as part of our restaurant cooking oil collection process.

To ensure that each customer is charged accurately for our solutions, we will then weigh your used cooking oil and provide you with a fresh cooking oil delivery. Our restaurant cooking oil recycling process is convenient as well as efficient. We transport your disposed frying oil to be recycled as part of our eco-friendly cooking oil management plan. We strive to make this process easy for customers with as little disruption to their operation as possible.

If your commercial kitchen is looking for Michigan or Indiana restaurant cooking oil recycling solutions, contact Frytech to learn more about our customized plans. We also feature the highest-quality edible cooking oils, including high oleic canola, high oleic soy, and palm.