Who We Are

Restaurant Frying Oil Delivery

Frytech Edible Oils is a leading Indiana cooking oil supplier. We provide our cooking oil management solutions to commercial kitchens throughout Indiana, Michigan, Western Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Founded in 1997, our restaurant frying oil delivery company has become a full-service cooking oil management service. We reliably manage every aspect of our clients’ cooking oil needs, including cooking oil delivery, collection, pickup service, and recycling. Your Kentucky or Michigan restaurant or cafeteria kitchen can expect customized service at an affordable price.

Currently, our Indiana restaurant frying oil delivery company features three types of edible cooking oils, including high oleic canola oil, high oleic soy oil, and palm oil. We pride ourselves on providing the freshest cooking oils to our clientele. These oils are known for their stability and high nutritional value. We provide delivery of these oils and cooking oil management solutions like pickup and recycling solutions to Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky restaurants, fast-food chains, healthcare facilities, school kitchens, and all sorts of commercial kitchens that use cooking oils.

Frytech takes a customized approach to restaurant frying oil delivery and pickup service. We not only supply our customers with cooking oil and pickup service, but also with a cooking oil management system that includes easy-to-use collection receptacles. We provide delivery and pickup service each week. Our customers and their employees don’t have to worry about a thing. Our technicians do any necessary receptacle lifting and transporting.

In addition, we know that our clients are as anxious about responsible cooking oil disposal as we are. After picking up the used cooking oil, we ensure that it is recycled with eco-friendly processes. Because our service is comprehensive, we save customers money on their cooking oil deliveries and pickup solutions. If you need Kentucky or Michigan restaurant frying oil delivery and management solutions, choose Frytech Edible Oils, and discover why so many commercial kitchens do.