Why Choose Us

As a busy Indiana or Michigan restaurant or commercial kitchen, you need a reliable restaurant oil supplier. Frytech Edible Oils provides exceptional service that includes our restaurant frying oil delivery and commercial cooking oil recycling. With our restaurant frying oil collection system in place, you can relax, knowing that your cooking oil supply, delivery, and pickup service will be customized to suit your precise needs.

Frytech provides convenient restaurant frying oil delivery for Indiana, Michigan, Northern Kentucky, and Western Ohio. Our customers can choose from our always-fresh, high-quality frying oil supply that includes high oleic soy cooking oil, high oleic canola cooking oil, and palm cooking oil. These restaurant frying oils are known for their stable composition and high nutritional content.

As an eco-friendly restaurant cooking oil delivery company, we specialize in cooking oil recycling as well as delivery and frying oil collection solutions. We will pick up your kitchen’s used cooking oil each week—accurately charging you for the exact weight of that discarded oil (so you never pay more than you should)—and then ensure its proper recycling in accordance with our industry’s best environmentally sound frying oil recycling practices.

Frytech’s experienced technicians will visit your Indiana or Ohio facility kitchen to set up your custom frying oil collection and dispensing system. We know that all businesses must be concerned about employee liabilities today. That’s why your employees will never need to lift or pour your fresh or discarded restaurant frying oil. Our equipment is outfitted with innovative pumps or nitrogen charges to manage dispensing. Our technicians manage all aspects of using frying oil pickup and cooking oil recycling.

Let Frytech Edible Oils set up your custom restaurant frying oil management system. Our pricing is fair and affordable and our service is reliable and comprehensive. Once you leave your cooking oil supply needs in our capable hands, you’ll never have to worry about it; we manage everything.